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Machine-based resistance training improves functional capacity in older adults

A systematic review and meta-analysis.


  • Archie Kirk Solent University
  • James Steele Solent University
  • James Fisher Solent University



Generality of strength, specificity, transfer, activities of daily living


Resistance training is evidenced to positively impact functional performance of older adults which serves to maintain independence and quality of life, preventing or delaying institutionalisation or hospitalisation. It has been proposed that training interventions should implement resistance and balance exercises associated with movements needed in everyday life, following a principle of “train the movement, not the muscle”. However, this strength training philosophy presents challenges, and the use of resistance machines might present an efficacious alternative. The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to explore the impact of machine-based resistance training upon strength and functional capacity in older adults. A PubMed/MEDLINE search was conducted, and following screening 17, articles met inclusion criteria for the systematic review, 15 of which were included in the meta-analysis for functional outcomes, and 11 of which were included in the meta-analysis for strength outcomes, respectively. Analyses revealed significant standardised mean change in favour of machine-based resistance training for functional outcomes (0.72, 95% CIs 0.39 to 1.07) and strength outcomes (0.71, 95% CIs 0.34 to 1.08) compared to control conditions (functional = 0.09, 95% CIs -0.1 to 0.28, strength = 0.1, 95% CIs -0.05 to 0.24). Substantial heterogeneity was noted in the manipulation of resistance training variables (load, effort, volume, etc.) and in the magnitude of effects between studies. In conclusion, the current data supports that significant strength and functional performance outcomes are attainable using uncomplicated, machine-based resistance training.


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