About the Server

SportRχiv is the first community-led and open access subject repository dedicated to sport, exercise, performance, and health research. As a repository, we appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of our respective fields and accept submissions from those working in all aspects of sport and exercise science (also known as kinesiology and movement science), sport and exercise studies, rehabilitation and therapy, through to theatre, dance, and performance studies. We believe our service has a range of benefits, but here is a list of our six key features:

1. Speedy dissemination. Research submitted to the archive is usually approved within 3-5 working days. That means your work can be read, cited, and built upon up-to two-years earlier than your colleagues who solely progress through the standard peer-review process. Plus, submitting to us takes about two minutes.

2. Generate feedback. By sharing your research on SportRχiv, you can gain immediate feedback on your submission, which we hope will improve the overall standard of your work. Better to catch an error before publication than being forced to make a post-hoc correction.

3. Support your community. Like it or not, we’re all in this together. By sharing with SportRχiv, you support a non-profit enterprise whose primary aims are to make research openly available to all and protect said research for future generations. If these issues are not important to you, how about the fact that as a non-profit, we are often not subject to the same embargo periods other repositories are forced to adhere to?

4. Get instant credit. If you’re a young scholar, demonstrating your work as a preprint looks considerably better on your CV than merely listing a paper as "in preparation". Plus, submissions are listed on Google Scholar, which increases your visibility and may help potential collaborators find you. In the internet age, it makes no sense to wait up to two years to get credit for your work!

5. Protect your intellectual property. We issue a digital object identifier to manuscripts submitted to SportRχiv, which protects you from scooping and plagiarism. Of equal importance, by licensing your work through us, you retain ownership of a version of your work. This means that you’ll never have to request permission from major publishers to use figures or materials that you created, which is nice.

If you want to learn more about submitting a manuscript to SportRχiv please read our submission tutorial.

Since its inception in 2017, SportRχiv has amassed a strong multi-national multinational representation. By using this service, researchers are guaranteeing a version of their work remains freely and legally available to all. Further, as SportRχiv is a non-profit, many publishers permit the immediate sharing of post-prints without the embargoes. Lastly, as a community run initiative, we welcome your input and aim to create a service that meets your needs. SportRχiv is proudly supported by the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK). Please consider joining to help support our work.