SportRχiv accepts scholarly work from across fields related to sport, exercise, and physical activity. We do not assess the quality or perceived merit of the work. We do, however, examine the work to identify whether basic standards, detailed herein, of reporting have been met.

The appearance of work is an invitation to the public and scholarly community to share, review, discuss, and evaluate it (and its linked or associated research materials). Acceptance is not a statement of research quality, but rather that basic standards of reporting and topic relevance have been met.

SportRχiv accepts papers at any stage of the publication process. We moderate papers before they appear publicly, which is called “pre-moderation”. Depending on volume demands, we expect to post papers submitted for moderation within 3-5 business days (although our goal is always as soon as possible).

The SportRχiv moderation process ensures submissions:

Qualify as scholarly content. This includes original research, current opinions, commentaries, review articles, case studies, short communications, hypotheses, ‘negative’ results, technical reports, and data and methods papers. Work on SportRχiv is either research or engages with research. As such, we do not accept blog posts, dissertations (submit such documents to, or other communications that do not adhere to academic publishing standards.

Fit our scope of research. We accept work from across all domains of Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity. This includes, but is not limited to, Applied Physiology; Physical Activity Research; Biomechanics; Rehabilitation Sciences; Sport and Exercise Sciences; Sport and Exercise Studies; and Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies. To date, we have never had to reject a submission based on being out of scope.

Are approriately categorized. We allow authors to select their own categories from our subject taxonomy, but check whether there are obvious errors or categorizations that lack plausibility.

Are correctly attributed. We do a simple Internet search to see if someone else has publicly claimed authorship of the work.

Written in English. At this time we are only accepting English langauge submissions because we lack the volunteers to moderate other langauges.

Please see review our Submission Guidelines, and check for compliance with any academic journal you may plan to publish in before submitting to SportRχiv.

Moderation does not include verification of copyright status—This responsibility lies with submitting authors. We ask that authors share only that work they have the right to share. When work is in review or about to go into review, authors may wish to check the SHERPA/RoMEO website or individual journal policies for peace of mind. Please note, however, that the vast majority of publishers permit the sharing of preprints. If you are uncertain about this part of the procedure, please contact us.

All work will be reviewed by a moderator before appearing publicly within the SportRχiv repository. If a submission is not accepted, the moderator will include a description of the reason. Authors are free to re-submit work after addressing the issues raised by the moderator.

Please do not be discouraged by rejections; feel free to contact us with any questions so your next submission may be accepted!