Preprint / Version 1

Association between Parents’ and Children’ Implicit and Explicit Attitudes towards Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors


  • Géraldine Escriva-Boulley
  • Julie Boiché



automatic processes, family, health related behavior, IAT


Purpose: The present study aimed to explore the associations between parents’ physical 4 activity (PA) and sedentary behaviors (SED) and their explicit and implicit attitudes toward 5 these behaviors and their children’s PA and SED, and attitudes. Children’s age and parents’ 6 gender were taken into account. 7 Method: One hundred and seven dyads composed of one parent (Mage = 42.9 years) and 8 her/his child (Mage = 11.6 years) completed questionnaires assessing behaviors and explicit 9 attitudes toward PA and SED. Implicit attitudes were evaluated with an implicit association 10 test. 11 Results: Parents’ PA was positively correlated with their children’s PA, especially in children 12 (≤12 years). No significant association was noted for SED. The results showed a positive 13 correlation between mothers’ explicit attitudes and fathers’ implicit attitudes and, 14 respectively, their children’s explicit (regardless to their age) and implicit attitudes (> 12 15 years). 16 Conclusion(s): This study is the first to investigate the association between parents’ and their 17 children’ implicit and explicit attitudes toward PA and SED. The results indicate that focusing 18 on the increase of PA and the development of positive attitudes toward PA in both children 19 and parents could be an interesting mean to promote PA in interventions aiming to improve 20 families’ health.


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