Preprint / Version 1

Intrinsic Judgment Error in Men’s Championship World Surf League

WSL 2021




Judgment, Reliability, Validity, Surf, WSL


Surfers’ performances are subjectively ranked by 5 judges. Low reliability and validity in
judgment may lead to preventable errors and unfair scores. Aiming to describe the judgment
error we analyzed the available WSL’s data related to 2021 Men’s Championship Tour (4,095
waves; 20,475 scores). We found an inverted ‘U’-shape pattern for the judgment error vs.
control score, explained by a quadratic regression model (R = 0.52; SEE = 0.10). The reliability
produced excellent Intraclass Correlation Coeficient (CI95% = 0.97, 1.00), with a between judge
(typical) error of 0.15. Validity analyses indicated a minimal real difference of 0.49 in the sum of
two waves between the surfers for having 95% certainty for the heat winner. We recommend
WSL to incorporate the intrinsic judgment error in into judgments for increasing the fairness
and trust on WSL championship tour.


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