Sharing Your Research

This help guide will walk you through a few easy steps to share a preprint to SportRχiv. Before getting to this stage, please ensure your potential submission meets our submission guidelines. If your article does not conform to these basic guidelines then your submission may be rejected. Next, you will first need to create an OSF account in order to upload preprints to the repository. You can do this by clicking the here.

Pre-Submission Checklist

1. A co-author agreement statement must be included

A declaration stating that all co-authors approve the manuscript and its submission to SportRχiv must be included in the article (preferably on the cover page). For example

Co-Author Agreement: We the authors agree to the sharing of this preprint on SporRχiv

2. There must be a statement on the cover page that the work is pre or post- print

Our readers need to know whether or not the submission is pre-peer review (preprint) or has been accepted for publication at a peer-reviewed journal elsewhere (postprint). This statement can be put in the header or footer of the article. If the article is a postprint please consider adding a link to the accepted journal article once it is available.

3. The article DOI must be reported in the article

The document object identifier (DOI) for each submission is minted once the article has been accepted by our moderators. However, we encourage authors to include a space for this to added on the cover page of the article (see example below). Once the DOI is minted, it is expected that authors add the DOI to the cover page within 7 days.

4. The manuscript’s citation must be included on the cover page

An example of a citation for the article must be included on the front cover. An exact citation style (e.g., APA) is not required.

When ready, the final submission’s cover page should look similar to the image below.

5. Ensure that the manuscript meets basic scientific reporting standards

Reporting standards vary from article type and field. Please check EQUATOR Network’s list of guidelines to ensure your article meets the required reporting standards (

Submitting a manuscript on Open Science Framework

1. Add a preprint

Make sure that you are uploading your preprint to SportRχiv. Please make sure to navigate to to avoid your preprint being misplaced. If you’re not sure we are the best fit for your work, please use the Find a Preprint Service for help.

On the preprint service landing page, click the Add a preprint button.

You will be taken to the “Submit Preprint” page.

2. Upload

You can upload a preprint file in either one of the following two ways. All file types are supported and most render in browser. Please note that the header bar will look like the first image throughout.

Add a Preprint

3. Discipline

Adding disciplines to your preprint will enhance discoverability of your work. The list of disciplines will vary by preprint server.

Select any number of top-level disciplines and subdisciplines to your preprint. A minimum of 1 discipline is required.

Click Save and continue.

Choose a Discipline

4. Basics

This section allows you to add metadata to your preprint, including a licence, DOI, and abstract.

  1. (required) Choose a license for your preprint from the drop-down menu. You can select a license and then click the Show full text link to learn about each license type. We encourage you to add a license in order to communicate how you want others to use your research. If you choose the “No license” option, fill out the “Year” and “Copyright Holders” fields. These fields are required when you do not license your preprint.Choose whether you want to extend the license to the OSF project that’s connected to your preprint.
  2. A DOI will be assigned to your preprint upon sharing. If your work has been previously peer-reviewed and published in a journal, you can enter the associated DOI into the “Peer-reviewed publication DOI” field, and your preprint will have both the generated DOI and the journal DOI.
  3. If your work has been previously published, provide the publication date in the “Original publication date” field. This date will appear in your citations.
  4. Enter tags into the “Keywords” section to enhance discoverability of your work.
  5. (required) Enter an abstract for your preprint into the “Abstract” box. Your abstract must be at least 20 characters long.

Click Save and continue when you’re finished filling out this section.

Basic Information

5. Authors

This section allows you to add your co-authors as contributors to your preprint and OSF project. There are two ways to add an author. If your co-author does not have an OSF account, you will need to add them as an unregistered user. If your co-author does have an OSF account, you can add them as a registered user.

After you have added your co-authors and submitted the preprint, they will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as co-authors to the preprint. .

Modify permissions and citations

When you add an author to a preprint, they are given “Read + Write” permissions by default. To change the level of permisisons, click inside the “Permissions” box and choose the appropriate permissions for each author.

The different levels of permissions are:

  • Read: The author can view the preprint and its OSF project but cannot make changes to them.
  • Read + Write: The author can view the preprint but cannot edit it. However, this author can make changes to the project such as, upload and delete files, create, edit, and delete wiki pages, configure add-ons, and create new components.
  • Administrator: The author can view and edit a preprint, and has all of the privileges that a “read + write” author does, with the additional abilities to add/delete authors and control permissions. Administrators are also granted read access to all components within the project, even if the administrator is not a contributor on the component.

All authors appear in citations by default; however, if any of the authors don’t want to appear in citations, uncheck the box under the “Citation” column next to their name.

Then click Next.

Permissions Levels and Citations

6. Submit

When you’re finished completing these sections, it’s time to share your preprint!

Read the instructions in this section, as it explains what happens after your preprint becomes public. Then click the Submit preprint button.

Share Your Preprint

A modal will appear asking you to confirm that you want to submit your preprint.

Click the Submit preprint button in the modal.


Your preprint will be uploaded to the respective preprint service, in this case SportRxiv, and your coauthors will receive an email notifying them that you have shared the preprint.