Here is a non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions/statements about the nature of preprints. If you have a question that you do not see answered here, please feel free to email john[at]

Is this service a replacement for journals?

No. SportRχiv is not intended to replace journals. A preprint service is primarily intended to offer access to manuscripts before publication, solicit feedback, and ensure the research remains Open Access. Formal peer review remains an integral part of science, and all submissions submitted to SportRχiv should undertake this process.

Do I lose copyright privileges when I submit a document to the archive?

No. Upon submission to SportRχiv you are required to state how you wish to license the work. This allows you to retain copyright and state how others may copy, distribute, and make use of your data. If you do not see the license you want to use, you can upload your own license. If you are unsure what license to apply to your work, there is lots of good information online. For example, the website provides an interactive license picker.

Will posting on the archive affect subsequent attempts to publish in a journal?

It shouldn’t, however, as a relatively new service it is hard to say conclusively. All of the major publishers permit the sharing of preprints to services such as ours. Further, although new to sport and exercise, preprints have been routinely shared for decades in other fields. As such, we would expect sport and exercise journal editors to be supportive of submissions that have been shared on SportRχiv. Some researchers are even going as far as to mention their preprints within covering letters to editors.

If I post a preprint on the archive and then publish it in a journal or volume, can I leave the preprint on the archive?

By and large, yes. All of the major journals permit the sharing of preprints, but it is worth checking the policy of individual journals before undertaking peer review.

How should I cite articles on the archive?

To cite a preprint uploaded to SportRχiv or OSF in general, you should provide the author’s full name and year, followed by the preprint’s title, the preprint server name, and the persistent URL.

Won’t I be scooped if I share a preprint before it’s accepted for publication?

Posting a preprint can actually prevent scooping. Because preprints are time-stamped upon creation, you’ve established the precedence of your work by posting one.

May I remove a preprint once it is posted?

Yes. Papers can be removed from SportRχiv and the OSF by following the advice here. However, we would advise that you update rather than remove where possible as deleted projects may still be listed on search engines.

Am I ok to share my preprint on social media?

Of course. Just be clear that the manuscript is a working document that is yet to undertake peer review.

Won’t it look bad if I have to change a manuscript substantially after peer review?

No. It’s very common to have to make substantial changes to a manuscript based on the feedback provided in peer review. On the contrary, sharing a preprint may have the opposite impact by soliciting feedback that preempts reviewer concerns. For every person who belittles the public sharing of an error, another will praise your openness to constructive feedback and desire to improve.