The first online repository dedicated to sport and exercise related research goes online.

SportRχiv a dedicated preprint (i.e., ‘pre’ formal publication version print) repository dedicated to sport and exercise related research has been launched today. Developed with the Center for Open Science, the site aims to create a central place for those working in or interested in sport to access research. Led by John Mills, a Lecturer at the University of Essex, SportRχiv has been shaped by world leading researchers from around the world and represents those working in the sport and exercise sciences, rehabilitation and therapy, through to theatre studies and sport sociology.

Unlike institutional repositories that only hold pockets of relevant research, SportRχiv offers one central location; making it easier for researchers, students, practitioners, and the public to find the latest literature. What is more, all the research offered on the site is open and freely accessible to everyone.

“We are very proud to see this come to fruition; especially as this has been developed and is managed by the sport and exercise community for the sport and exercise community” says SportRχiv’s founder, John Mills. He was also quick to note the input he has received from the project’s steering board and emphasised that as a community enterprise, SportRχiv is independent of those seeking to profit from the hard work of academics.

When submitting manuscripts, SportRχiv offers a one-page streamlined submission portal with drag and drop functionality, which John Mills describes as “an incredibly simple and fast process”. Manuscripts shared to the repository remain the property of the author and the site offers flexible creative commons attributions. In other words, researchers can easily state what their research can and cannot be used for.

What is more, each manuscript is assigned a digital object identifier (i.e., DOI) which makes it easy to establish precedent, track citations, and ultimately claim credit for your work. “This may be especially useful when applying for research grants as many research councils and grant agencies now recognize preprints as part of the application process” says Dr Zachary Zenko, Post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and adviser to the SportRχiv steering board.

In addition, any research shared to the archive is listed within Google Scholar and monitored by Altmetric – a system that tracks the attention that research outputs like scholarly articles and datasets receive online – with each page displaying the associated Altmetric badge and highlighting how much discussion the article has generated online. “Everyone on the SportRχiv steering board conducts research in the area of sport and/or exercise and we’ve tried to create a solution that meets the needs of our community” says Fergus Guppy, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton and SportRχiv steering board member.

SportRχiv is now live and accepting submissions. The site and further information can be accessed at


Getting to grips with SportRχiv Community

In this post I will show you the basics of registering and using SportRχiv Community.

Start by heading to the homepage and selecting ‘Community’ in the menu or pressing the SportRχiv Community button in the centre of the page.

This will take you into the SportRχiv Community forum. Much of the content is restricted, so let’s get access by selecting ‘Register’.

Here you will be asked to assign a username, provide an email, and select your password. SportRχiv is designed to support open and transparent research practices and as such, we ask that members use their real names within the forum and link to their institutional email. Applications are moderated, so please be patient. Once the site is live, we aim to provide access within one-hour. However, during the beta phase, this is likely to be anywhere from 1 to 24-hours.

On acceptance, you will gain access to the site. From here you can do things such as submit your preprints, solicit feedback, post jobs, and discuss research/sport in general. For now, however, I will focus on soliciting feedback on research proposals. Simply head to your discipline of choice and hit the ‘add topic’ button.

Please use the project title and follow the format provided in the ‘sticky post’ linked to the top of your discipline page. They are all the same and essentially request the following information be detailed.

Once complete, your thread will look something like this and will be live to receive replies.

Lastly, if you hit the ‘Subscribe for new topics’ button, replies will be sent automatically to your email.

Thanks for your interest in SportRχiv and we hope you find the services of use! If you have any problems accessing the service, please email or message us on Twitter. Alternatively, you can leave feedback directly in SportRχiv Community/spotted-an-issue-get-in-touch.