The AccuKick football passing test: Reliability, discriminate ability, and correlations with athletic capabilities

AccuKick is a new football passing test that measures passing accuracy and time to ball release (TTR) under time constrains. We examined AccuKick’s test-retest reliability, discriminate ability, and its relationships with jumping, sprinting, change-of-direction and intermittent running tests, among adolescent football players. Forty-seven players of different age groups participated in this study: U19 (n = 15), U17 (n = 15) and U16 (n = 17). Athletes completed two trials of AccuKick on two different days. Test-retest reliability of accuracy and TTR outcomes were very high (r = 0.85) and moderately high (r = 0.66), respectively. Accuracy scores significantly differed between groups (p < 0.001) with the U19 players being more accurate than the U17 (8%) and the U16 (22%) players. TTR scores significantly differed between groups (p = 0.005) with U19 releasing the ball 0.005 seconds faster than U17 (g = 1.3) but with no other statistical differences between groups. Trivial to small correlations (r ≤ 0.25) were observed between AccuKick performance and the physical tests, excluding the Yo-Yo test which was weakly correlated with accuracy and TTR (p ≤ 0.01; r range: 0.35-0.48). AccuKick is a reliable passing test that can distinguish between adolescent players according to their age.